Jenson Button has said he is glad nothing was done after Bore-rain, as the Australian Grand Prix proved there is not a lot wrong with F1 2010.

Button's comments were echoed post-race by the likes of Fernando Alonso - who said: "For sure, after an exciting and action-packed race like this, I don't think we'll hear much more talk about boring races!" - but while there is no doubt the event at Albert Park was entertaining, there is no denying either that the weather played a key role in spicing up proceedings.

Indeed Button added that he hopes that the extra entertainment was not just because of the rain.

"I don't think there's any getting away from the fact that we probably all thought that the last race was not the most exciting and what were we going to do about it now, but I'm glad that we haven't really jumped to too many conclusions or ideas, because I think this race was a great race," he told reporters.

"I had a lot of fun; obviously when you win the race you have more fun than any other position but overtaking cars on the circuit and watching on the screen I could see that there was a lot of action going on.

"I hope it's not just because of the weather conditions too. I hope that we can have races like this because this is what we love and hopefully these sorts of races are here to stay. You are going to have races that aren't the most exhilarating experience for us but that's the way it is. Not every football match is fun to watch. It's got to be a bit of a balance, I think."

Asked why he thought there was so much more overtaking than there was in Bahrain, Button reckoned it was all to do with the tyres.

"I think it comes down to degradation. You had a lot of cars out of place which is different to Bahrain. The top eight cars were in the top eight slots pretty much. I think a lot of it is the degradation of the tyres," he confirmed.

"There was a lot of rear graining, some people did two stops, some people did one stop. Some people were trying to look after tyres, other people were pushing hard. There were lots of different ideas out there and it is great to see as, as you said, Bahrain was not the most exciting grand prix.

"I love that place and it was disappointing not to have a good grand prix, but here I knew what was going on. I could see quite a bit on the television screens and it did look like a very exciting race. Hopefully we are going to have more races like this now and that is what we all love."

Robert Kubica meanwhile, who finished second, has rejected suggestions that it is harder to overtake this season.

"For me actually it's easier to overtake this year than it was in the past, because I'm driving a car that has better top speed," he chipped in.

"There's quite a lot of percentage if you have good top speed or not and you want to overtake. If you are the quickest car in a straight line it's easier to overtake than if you are the slowest. I don't think it's just the tyres, it's everything. It's always been very difficult to overtake in F1."


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