McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has insisted that he is not in any hurry to appoint a new manager, despite a turbulent Australian Grand Prix weekend.

Indeed while David Coulthard has advised his fellow countryman that he should make a decision 'soon' so that he can 'concentrate on his day job' and winning the F1 2010 drivers' title [see separate story - click here], Hamilton remains happy and doesn't think there is any urgency to appoint a successor to his father.

"I'm leaving it for a while. I am happy at the moment. It's a big transition, and I have a lot of good people around me. There is no need to rush," the 2009 F1 world champion told British newspaper, The Daily Mail.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh meanwhile has urged him to opt for someone that knows F1 and who is 'independent'.

"Ron [Dennis, part-owner of McLaren] has another view, but I don't think McLaren should manage Lewis," Whitmarsh added in a separate interview with The Daily Telegraph. "I think he should have a dispassionate, independent manager. It's not overly urgent because he has long-term contracts in place. But having someone with wise counsel who you feel comfortable with is a good thing.

"I personally think it would be better to have someone who knows F1 rather than a large international company who is going to send the account manager out with you. I don't think he needs that. But the important thing is that it is Lewis' decision."

A number of people have already been connected to the 'Lewis Hamilton managerial' role, including Mika Hakkinen and Didier Coton, as well as BBC F1 commentator, Martin Brundle.