Fernando Alonso admits that a third F1 title is the only thing he is focusing on during the 2010 season.

Alonso holds the championship lead after the first two races, having followed his victory in Bahrain with a fourth place finish in Australia - leaving him four points clear of team-mate Felipe Massa heading to Malaysia this weekend.

Speaking ahead of the Sepang race, the Ferrari driver insisted that picking up points towards his championship tally was the only thing he was worried about heading into race weekends - with the title fight being all that matters.

"My only goal is to win the championship, and to score points on Sunday afternoons," he said. "I am not going to worry about anything other than that at all.

"So I don't care to worry about Saturdays, or pole position, or qualifying or other things. All that matters for me is Sunday and the championship. When I am in the car that is all I am thinking of - to win the race or to score points and to win the championship."

Alonso added that he didn't feel the ban on refuelling had lessened the spectacle of F1 - despite the disappointing fare served up in Bahrain during the opening weekend of the year.

"I think the last race was very good for the fans, good for everyone, enjoyable and fun for the drivers, too," he said. "And anyway I don't believe it is true about the overtaking.

"Formula One is not about that. It is about the best technology and the best cars and the best drivers. If you just want to see overtaking, this is not the place to be."