Rubens Barrichello has revealed that there should be an agreement before the Chinese Grand Prix later this month that will see mirrors on F1 cars have to be placed on the main body of the chassis.

A number of drivers complained about a lack of visibility last weekend in Australia, and the issue was thought to be one factor that led to the collision between Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button at the start. While there has been no official announcement as yet, it seems the days of mirrors being positioned right out on the sidepods for aerodynamic gains - something Ferrari and Red Bull seem to have taken to an extreme - could be over.

"As far as I'm concerned it is agreed that we need better visibility, so the change could come as early as the next race," Barrichello told the Associated Press ahead of the third round on the F1 2010 schedule in Malaysia.

"Everyone is having problems with the mirrors and hopefully we are going to get that changed quite soon. We need to see what we are going to do for Monaco, because [otherwise] Monaco is going to be hell."

Rubens meanwhile is looking forward to the event at Sepang, a track he regards as one of his favourites: "I like Malaysia very much. Physically, it's one of the toughest races on the calendar and really hot," he continued.

"One year I lost something like 1.3kg during the race. Because of the heat, you have to be well prepared, physically and mentally, but we all do a lot of training to make sure that we are. I enjoy the layout of the circuit. It has a good mix of corners, high and low speed, and it flows well.

"It is also quite wide which will give us some overtaking opportunities around the lap. A strong set-up is crucial in order to get a good lap time around Kuala Lumpur so having a productive practice on Friday will be really important."

Barrichello has had two points' finishes already this season and is clearly enjoying his latest challenge having moved to Williams.

"There are a good bunch of fighters [here], good people and good workings method. We are working well together," he added. "I am delighted to be working with them. They are very open. There is a lot of freedom inside, so obviously they are getting to know Cosworth and Cosworth are getting to know them. It has been a good job.

"We are far away from where we think we can be but so far it is going in the right direction. I think we can knock on the door of big points every time once we can put some new upgrades on the car. Then we will really start to show what we are capable of."