Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) technology could be brought back as soon as next year, even though the power-boost system was abandoned for F1 2010 because it was deemed too expensive.

According to reports by the BBC, Ferrari and Renault are both eager to see it brought back, but there is no consensus on when that will be implemented and there is a real concern that it is to costly.

Indeed last year only four teams used it - namely McLaren, Ferrari, Renault and BMW - and of those only McLaren and Ferrari persevered with it until the end of the season. The total spend put at ?40 million.

As a result all the teams agreed through FOTA - the Formula One Teams Association - not to use it in 2010, although it remains in the rules.

"McLaren support the idea of KERS in F1 and we'd love to have it," Whitmarsh said. "What we have to do though is look at the bigger picture as F1 has to be sustainable for a minimum of 10 teams.

"If we are to reintroduce KERS we have to decide the speed which we reintroduce it and make sure it's affordable. A lot of the teams cannot afford KERS next year - probably the majority can't. We've got to find something that's affordable and worthwhile

"Last year was interesting because some teams had KERS and others didn't - maybe in the future KERS should be one of those sporting opportunities - i.e. have a number of KERS deployments (per lap) that help overtaking."

Mercedes team boss, Ross Brawn meanwhile noted if KERS is re-introduced it needs to be properly thought out. He also added that the planned introduction of new engines in 2013 needs to be taken into account too.

"We would prefer to look at something that is planned and integrated with the new power-train in 2013," he explained. "That doesn't mean to say that KERS can only come in 2013 - maybe it can be brought forward - but if we do a system now and another in 2013 it's a shame.

"The systems we have now, the advantage they offer is probably not enough and we need to look at systems that are substantial enough to help the sporting side of racing.

"If we had a push-to-pass button that you could only use a certain amount of times then we would have something quite exciting. So I think KERS has a future but we have to be careful not to rush back to what we had last year which we all agreed was not perhaps a huge success."

The teams are now expected to debate the issue again when the circus returns to Europe at the start of May for the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya, near Barcelona.


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