Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that he aims to have F1 race in Russia and New York by 2013.

The commercial rights holder told Bloomberg that an event in Russia would probably be held by 2012 in either the capital city Moscow, or in Sochi - which will play host to the Winter Olympics in 2014.

A race in Manhattan would then follow in 2013, with a decision on the location for the race being made in the coming months. According to Ecclestone, the planned race would 'see New York in the background'.

F1 has expanded greatly beyond mainland Europe in recent years, with the likes of Bahrain, Singapore and Abu Dhabi now featuring on the calendar and Korea set to join the schedule later this season.

Should races in Russia and New York come good, it would mean some of the current races in Europe losing their place on the calendar - with Ecclestone stating that he would review some of the 'traditional events' currently involved in the sport.

"We're going to lose some races for sure, there are some races we can afford to lose without too much problem," he said. "I've spoken to the countries to see what we can come up with."