Force India has been awarded the 'LG Moment of the Year' in association with F1 Racing and the Formula One Teams' Association for its showing in the 2009 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa.

More than 88,000 F1 fans worldwide voted that Giancarlo Fisichella's pole position and second place was the moment of the year, beating Jenson Button's drive to the 2009 title in Brazil into second place.

The survey was conducted over a two-week period in February 2010, with other contenders in this historic and thrilling season including the Brawn 1-2 in Melbourne, Mark Webber's first F1 victory and Lewis Hamilton's race drive in Silverstone.

"It's a real honour that genuine fans of the sport see our podium and pole position as their highlight of last year's classic season of racing," Force India boss Vijay Mallya said. "I believe it was the real spirit of the team in the face of adversity and ultimate triumph that stood out in people's minds.

"Everyone loves when something unexpected happens in F1 and after our relatively quiet start to the year to arrive in Belgium, start on the front row and then finish on the podium seemed to come out of nowhere for the fans. They could also see the real joy etched in each and every one of the team's faces.

"For me it shows that fans see that exhilaration and appreciate the hard work that got us there. This award is really for all of the team and on behalf of them, many thanks to all the voters and to LG."