Having referred to Victoria as a 'nanny state' following the incident involving F1 rivals Lewis Hamilton at the Australian Grand Prix, Mark Webber has now made moves to spearhead a road safety campaign in his homeland.

According to the Herald Sun newspaper, Webber's management team has written to premier John Brumby to offer the support of the Red Bull Racing ace for a new safe driving campaign.

The move comes after Webber's comments led to outrage from road safety campaigners who said he had show insensitivity towards victims of road traffic incidents.

However, Webber's manager and partner Ann Neal insisted that the letter wasn't simply a reaction to the press that surrounded his earlier comments.

"It's something Mark is passionate about," she said. "It's not a knee-jerk reaction to the press he's had. It's something he has always done."

A spokesman for the government told the 'paper that the offer was being considered.