Having been denied pole position for only the second time in five grands prix this season, Sebastian Vettel has said that he is determined to end a streak that suggests he won't win Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix.

Although no polewinner has succeeded in winning an F1 race so far this year, the Circuit de Catalunya looks set to buck the trend, having provided nine straight victories for the fastest man in qualifying, but that is bad news for Vettel, having been out-paced by Red Bull Racing team-mate Mark Webber in Saturday's knock-out session in Barcelona.

"Congratulations to Mark, he was not beatable today," Vettel admitted, "It was close, and I think I had good laps throughout qualifying, especially at the end, but it was just not enough. A tenth is not much but, today, it was a bit too much for me.

"Obviously, the race is tomorrow, so [there are] no points today. It will be a long race and, for sure, at the moment, it looks comfortable, but we know how quickly things can change, so we have to stay focused. It will be a tough one and, maybe, there is some rain. I think starting second, first row, is a good result. As Mark said, we are enjoying ourselves.

"Mark wants to beat me and I want to beat Mark, that is not a secret - that is normal in every team. Once you are ahead and another time you are behind. He did a very good job today and seemed to beat me always too much in the last sector, so I am looking forward to seeing the data and seeing where I have lost the time."

Webber is likely to be Vettel's main rival in Spain, with the rest of the field some nine-tenths off the pole time, but the German is not getting carried away with thoughts of battling over bragging rights in a Red Bull 1-2.

"Even if it might look comfortable from the lap times, I think we have to keep our feet on the ground," he insisted, So far, we have been quick and we have done a good job, but we'll see tomorrow.

"If we are here [in the press conference] tomorrow, and we can confirm [our potential], then I will be very pleased. But we are not living in tomorrow, we are living today and it is a long race. Anything can happen, maybe it will rain - I think it is not 100 per cent clear yet, but people were talking about some possible showers, so we will have to see."

Vettel also qualified second, to Jenson Button, in the 2009 Spanish Grand Prix, but came home only fourth.

"I had a good start but, unfortunately, last year, we had a system called KERS which didn't help me as I got stuck behind Felipe [Massa] for 50 out of 56-something laps, so it was quite boring," he reflected, "I think I knew everything about the Ferrari rear wing at the end of the race"

"But we'll see tomorrow. It is a long, long way down to turn one, and there is a difference as I am on the dirty side [of the gird]. Statistically, you can argue and say the polesitter is in a better position, or the second guy or the guy in third, but it is always open and that is why we are racing."


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