Felipe Massa will be hoping for better in Monaco this coming weekend after a disappointing result at the Circuit de Catalunya - venue for the Spanish Grand Prix, the first European race on the F1 2010 schedule.

Massa has struggled in recent events and his form in Barcelona again compared unfavourably to that of his Ferrari team-mate, Fernando Alonso. Indeed while Alonso qualified fourth and finished second, Massa was only ninth in Q3 and finished the race in sixth.

Speaking at the finish, Massa reiterated that he wasn't happy with his Ferrari F10, echoing his comments from the previous day when he had said he felt like he was 'rally driving' and that the car 'always understeering'.

His cause wasn't helped much by an incident with a backmarker either, when he broke the left front wing end plate.

"It was a difficult race. I got a good start but then I was always behind other cars and I never managed to run at a constant pace. Once again today, the main difficulty was a lack of grip, especially in the third sector: every time it looked as though I might close on Button, he managed to get away from me over some sections of the track," Massa recounted.

"We must work to improve the car's performance and there is no doubt about it. Even though we brought home a good number of points, I can't be happy with the way things went this weekend.

"Now we immediately head for Monaco, my second home race, given that I live a few hundred metres from the track. We will have different tyres to here and I hope we go back to finding ourselves in a more favourable situation, at least from my point of view."

Ferrari boss, Stefano Domenicali meanwhile has told the Brazilian that they will do all they can to help him find a better set-up, although the pressure is definitely on as Robert Kubica is rumoured to have already signed an option for F1 2011 - a move that would see Massa ousted in favour of the Pole [see separate story - click here].

"Felipe got a great start and was always in a battle with [Jenson] Button and [Michael] Schumacher, in a race that was always difficult for him: we have to work out how to make his Ferrari F10 work the tyres better though," Domenicali summed-up.