Ferrari has confirmed that it won't make use of its F-duct system during the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend.

The team debuted its 'blown rear wing' in Barcelona last weekend as it looked to close the gap to Red Bull out front, but has taken the decision not to use the system on the streets of Monte Carlo - where the advantage of such a system is nullified.

"From the technical point of view, the two F10 cars were prepared at the Catalunya Circuit after the Spanish Grand Prix," a statement from Ferrari read, "and the only change in terms of specification is that they will not be fitted with the blown rear wing, used for the first time in Barcelona, as the low speed Monaco circuit means the system has no great value, as maximum downforce is required at all times."

With regulation changes having prevented the team from building cars especially for the Monaco race, the only change to the F10 this weekend will be to the steering to aid Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa around the tight and twisty circuit.

"Setting up an F1 car to drive on roads not designed for racing is not straightforward and in the past two years, the Ferrari engineers adopted a different approach, running the car with softer settings than in the past, with positive results," he said. "As for the cars themselves, this race usually involved building bespoke 'Monaco-spec' machines.

"However the new regulations forbid making such major changes, so apart from different downforce levels, the only significant change is to the steering, giving the driver more leverage and a tighter turning circle to cope with corners such as the hairpin."