Williams has been forced to run an older specification front wing for the Turkish Grand Prix this weekend due to the incidents suffered by Nico Hulkenberg and Rubens Barrichello in Monaco.

Both drivers crashed out of the race in dramatic fashion, with Hulkenberg going into the barriers in the tunnel and a loose manhole cover damaging Barrichello's left rear wheel and putting him into the barriers on the run up Beau Rivage.

The extensive damage to both cars has left Williams busy making replacement parts in time for Istanbul but it has run out time to replace the latest design of its front wing.

As a result, the two drivers will be forced to run an older specification for the Turkish weekend.

"We've spent the past week or so manufacturing new parts in readiness for Istanbul after the damage we sustained in Monaco," technical director Sam Michael said. "All of the items that needed replacing have been replaced now, apart from the front wings which require more time.

"As a result, we have to revert back to a previous specification for this race and wait until Montreal for the updated version."

While the cars will be fitted with the older wing, Michael revealed that the team hopes to receive a boost from its Cosworth engines and will also run new brake ducts in Turkey.

"Cosworth have been working hard on the issues we have been seeing during the first part of the season and have had some positive indications from their dyno work," he said. "Istanbul will be an opportunity for us to test how these solutions look on the track.

"In line with our development programme, both FW32s will have new brake ducts for Istanbul and some additional mechanical changes."