Formula One world championship leader Mark Webber has claimed that he is not focusing on the points situation after six races this season, preferring instead to concentrate on keeping mistakes to a minimum.

The Australian started the season poorly enough to warrant speculation that his job may be on the line at the end of his current one-year contract - with finishes of eighth, ninth and eighth sandwiching second place, from pole, in Malaysia. Since then, however, he has taken back-to-back victories, from pole, in Spain and Monaco, with the 50-point European maximum vaulting him into a share of the championship with Red Bull Racing team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

Despite elevating himself back into title contention, and making him a rumoured target for other teams as he chases his first victory hat-trick since Formula Ford, Webber insists that he is content to allow the points to take care of themselves

"I'm not that interested in the points at the moment," he stressed on the eve of the Turkish GP at Istanbul Park, "It's nice to have quite a few, but the results in the last few races have been what it's all about, so that's been very rewarding.

"We know that there's been some missed opportunities in the past and we need to keep those to a minimum, so we're looking forward, keep trying to do what we've been executing the last few events and that can be good for us in the future. I don't feel any different really, when I get out of bed, because all of us are pretty much on the same points anyway, so I'm not doing anything that different."

With Red Bull having annexed all six poles so far this season, as well as three wins, many are predicting team-mate Sebastian Vettel to be Webber's main threat where the title is concerned. The Australian admits that there is a close fight going on, but insists that all is amicable in the RBR camp.

"Every competitor is on the grid [is competition] for all of us," he maintained, "We know that, towards the front, we have different levels of car performance, so it's obvious that I'm not racing [Lotus driver] Jarno [Trulli] this weekend. But there's guys that you have more fights with throughout the season and, clearly, Sebastian is in a good car, he's quick and there's going to be a healthy competition there - as always.

"There's no secret that we like to beat each other, and that's how it should be. It's healthy, [with a] very good balance within the team. Sebastian's had his days in the past where he's been virtually untouchable, and I hope that they don't happen too much in the future. He's very quick, we know that, and I've got to try and keep those [results] to a minimum. It's a good battle."

Asked how much he thought Vettel's much-reported chassis problems had been in dictating the results of the past two races, Webber appeared to dismiss suggestions that he may not have won had the German been in full cry.

"Obviously, I wasn't driving his car, so it's difficult to know, to be honest," he said, "We'll see."

Despite being the class of the field so far, the RB6 continues to receive updates, almost by the race, as the team refuses to take its success for granted

"We'll give the F-duct a go tomorrow," Webber confirmed, "It is going well at the moment, but we know from last year that cars that are flying at the start of the year can be exposed at the end of the year. We are very conscious of the fact that we are going pretty good at the moment, but we know it is a long season.

"Clearly, we were pretty competitive [in Barcelona], particularly in qualifying, [but] I think it's going to be very, very hard to do that again. In Monaco, [although] it's a very, very different circuit, things tightened up there a lot so, venue to venue, things can move around - even within the race, as we saw in Barcelona, things were a little bit different.

"Lewis [Hamilton] was our closest competitor in that grand prix, so you can argue that, if we had a Turkish Grand Prix after Barcelona, you might say that the McLaren might be the guys that might be our challengers here, but we're also mindful of the fact that Ferrari - and also Mercedes, if they have a clean weekend - that can come towards us, so we're definitely not taking anything for granted. We know we're working incredibly hard to get the results we have and it's not easy to get them."