McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has said that the only reason team-mate Jenson Button was able to challenge him towards the end Turkish Grand Prix was because of a 'little bit of miscommunication'.

Hamilton, who of course took his first win of F1 2010 at Istanbul Park on Sunday, almost lost out to Button in the closing stages of the race, when his fellow countryman passed him through turns 12-14. Hamilton fought back straight away however, and re-took P1 almost immediately at the end of the start-finish straight.

After the race, the F1 2008 world champion explained that the target lap time given by his mechanics was a bit off.

"I was comfortable out in front and I was looking after the tyres. There was a little bit of miscommunication really with the team," he explained when asked how Button suddenly closed the gap.

"They asked me to save fuel but it is just difficult to know how much you have got to save. They set a target for me lap time wise and I tried to stick to that. The target was definitely a bit too slow, so I was slowing down to keep that target and all of a sudden Jenson was right up my tail. There was nothing I could do.

"He had the slipstream on me up into turn 12. He was able to stay on the outside. He took me but fortunately I was able to get the exit and get the slipstream and it was very fair down into turn one. We had a great battle. We both went steaming in as late as we possibly could. I was understeering and fortunately I was able to come out in front."

Button meanwhile had also been told to go into fuel saving mode: "I had a little battle with Lewis. We were both told to save fuel but it is always difficult to know how much. When Lewis finally got back past me I was told to keep saving. I think it got a bit critical towards the end of the race as we pushed very hard at the start," he continued.

Pressed on if that was a ruse to stop the two of them battling, Button added: "I don't know [if that was the case]. For about four or five laps beforehand they were saying you have to save fuel. They didn't put a lap time on it.

"They just said you have got to save a bit of fuel. That was quite early in the race I was told to do that, probably about lap 30. I don't think they expected the pace to be so fast but it was good pace, so that's why we were told to save fuel I think," he summed-up.