Racing legend Sir Stirling Moss has backed the decision to appoint Hermann Tilke as the designer for the new F1 circuit to be created in Austin for the return of the United States Grand Prix.

Tilke is the man behind a range of circuits that have joined the F1 calendar in recent seasons - including venues in Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Bahrain and Malaysia - although his previous designs have come under fire from fans for failing to provide much in the way of excitement on race day.

However, Moss insisted that Tilke was the right man for the job and that the German shouldn't be blamed for modern circuit design - insisting that concerns over safety played a large part in deciding how new venues appear.

"It's all well and good saying Hermann Tilke hasn't designed any exciting circuits, but you have to remember that he has to create them within very strict safety regulations," he told ESPN . "It doesn't matter how talented an architect you are, if you have to have huge run off areas it makes it very difficult to convey the excitement to the spectators at the track and at home.

"In my mind, with the brief that he must honour, the circuits he has built are probably as good as one could hope for. He puts an emphasis on heavy braking which helps overtaking and it's important to remember that braking late is just as difficult to master as high-speed cornering, especially in the current cars with all their aerodynamics.

"If you look at someone like Lewis Hamilton, he is a very exciting driver to watch precisely because he is a very late braker."

As yet there has been no indication on what the circuit in Texas will be like when F1 returns to the USA in 2012.


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