The final nail will be driven into the coffin of the USF1 Team later today when the contents of the team's Charlotte base go up for auction.

The team, headed by Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson, was due to join the F1 this season but failed to find the funding needed to take its place on the grid.

Although the team hoped to delay its entry until 2011, the fact that the team was unable to take its place as scheduled proved to be the beginning of the end, with the FIA starting a tender process to find a replacement for next season.

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With USF1 having been closed down, the contents of the Charlotte factory will now go up for sale in an auction starting at 09.30 local time.

The auction includes various items of office furniture and equipment needed to try and put a race team together, although there is a distinct lack of items that relate directly to an actual F1 car.

The list of auction items can be viewed if you CLICK HERE.