Lewis Hamilton says he expects a closer battle between Red Bull Racing and the rest in the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend.

Speaking in a press conference ahead of the Montreal race, the McLaren man admitted that he felt that Circuit Gilles Villeneuve was one where the advantage Red Bull have enjoyed at the majority of circuits would be reduced.

"This is a circuit where perhaps there is less opportunity for the advantage of the Red Bull maybe," the Turkish GP winner. "There are a couple of corners, turn four, turn seven, and I think turn 10, turn nine maybe where the Red Bull will be quite strong on those exits but otherwise we should be strong on the straights. But you never know.

"I think other teams are constantly developing their cars and as we are also doing the same thing, trying to develop our car throughout the year, so we always try to bring small bits to each track. Hopefully our car suits the track a little bit better than it did in Monaco and we can have a good weekend."

However, Hamilton warned that it was difficult to make too many predictions about the race will pan out until teams show their hand in qualifying on Saturday.

"It is difficult to say, simply because we are always improving but we won't really know until Saturday what our true pace is but in terms of the gap that we have between ourselves and Red Bull we haven't made a significant step forward to have closed that gap," he said. "My guess is that they will still be very competitive. However, we have the very long straight here which suits our car more.

"I don't know if they have brought their F-duct but I am hoping that we are going to be more on a par this weekend and therefore, maybe a bit like the last weekend we can be a little bit closer but maybe even more this weekend, hopefully."


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