Michelin has urged F1 teams to make a decision quickly as to who will provide tyres for the 2011 season.

Although rivals Pirelli have claimed that they will shortly be confirmed as the replacement for Bridgestone [See separate story HERE], Michelin continues to push to make a return to the grid having held eleventh hour talks with teams during the Turkish Grand Prix weekend.

Speaking to the French news agency AFP, Michelin's Nick Shorrock insisted that the company still felt it could beat Pirelli to the contract but said a decision needed to be taken soon for the benefit of all parties involved.

"Since the trip that I made to Istanbul two weeks ago, the objective of which was to meet with the teams to talk about the details of our offer, I've had no feedback, but I am expecting some," he said. "But time is getting very tight to develop a product that is consistent, delivers good performance and above all is safe.

"Michelin has vast experience of competition in different disciplines in F1, and endurance gives us a very strong base to develop whatever tire. The sooner the better.

"Within the next couple of weeks if there's not enough information then it's going to make life extremely hard for all parties. My past experience of F1 is around this time people start moving on to next year's car. If you're not on board in June/July time you will be struggling."