Jenson Button admitted he was concerned that the incident at turn one in Montreal was going to end his chances of a strong finish in the Canadian Grand Prix.

The McLaren driver was hit by Felipe Massa at the start of the race but was lucky to escape serious damage to his car. Having survived that incident, Button was able to complete a short first stint on the option tyres before making the switch to primes and the battled with Fernando Alonso to climb up to second behind team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

"Turn One was a bit too exciting for me," he said. "I got hit by Felipe, and I feared I'd damaged the car, but fortunately it was just rear graining that I felt, not a puncture. Then, when I got onto the prime tyre, the car started working really well.

"But it's so difficult around here - you've really got to look after the tyres, even the prime, which was also liable to graining. But I looked after my tyres carefully, and in traffic I was able to pull out five seconds on Sebastian Vettel. After that, I decided to focus on driving flat-out to catch Fernando. And it worked: when we both hit further traffic, I was able to pounce and make my move."

While Button initially started to close on Hamilton for the lead, he was unable to close on his team-mate and settled for second place, although he was still happy with a second successive podium finish.

"I began trying my best to reel in Lewis, but I'd taken so much out of my tyres while chasing Fernando that I couldn't get any closer to Lewis than about two seconds," he said. "Overall, this has been a great weekend for us. Lewis did a phenomenal job in qualifying - I couldn't touch him - but it feels good to have finished second in the race just behind him. Hopefully, next time the order will be reversed!"