Both Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber have said they will not shy away from an intra-team battle after qualifying on the front row for the European Grand Prix, despite the widely-publicised accident that ruined their race in Turkey.

The controversy that followed their coming together at Istanbul Park has been put behind the Red Bull Racing team but, as it attempts to rebound from a disappointing - by its own standards - race in Canada, and close the gap on McLaren duo Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button at the head of the championship, there are clearly no orders for the pair to hold station.

"I think fighting for position is what racing drivers do and, if you look at the job description, that's what we are," poleman Vettel pointed out, "Obviously, we've been through this many times, but I'm not afraid that something similar will happen. You can never say never, but surely I think we've learned our bit and we're looking forward."

"I think we've had some races here in the past when people have struggled to stay awake, so I think we will see how it is tomorrow - if there's a chance to overtake, we will go for it," Webber added, "Nothing's really changed in the last [few races] - or my whole career. Obviously, if something's there we go, if not, we wait a bit longer."

With both GP2 Series races in Valencia having been blighted by incidents at turns one and two on the opening lap, all eyes will be on the F1 boys to see if they can show how it should be done. However, with the street circuit that encircles the city's Americas Cup port not renowned for its overtaking opportunities, the start could prove to be vital for aspirations up and down the grid.

"There is a good escape road at turn two but, obviously, you are not very keen on using that," Vettel joked, "Pole is definitely the best place to start from, and it is also on the clean side, so I think that was quite important. I think all of the cars have been quite consistent with good starts, so it is probably easier to get it wrong rather than get it right.

"There is a clean and a dirty side [to the grid], but some cars go wider before turn one and some enter a tighter line, so I think it is not really a big difference. Also the way down to turn one is not that long but, if you have got a McLaren behind you, they are very quick on the straight, and Ferrari as well, so we need a good start and a good couple of corners where we ideally can pull away.

"So far, our starts have been very good, so I am looking forward. Hopefully, I'll defend the first position, the first corner, the first lap, and many more. We will see."


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