Audi motorsport chief Dr Wolfgang Ullrich has ruled out the possibility of the German marque appearing in F1 in the coming seasons.

Speculation in recent months had suggested that parent company Volkswagen was interested in moving into F1 and could supply engines branded as Audi to teams on the grid.

However, Ullrich has now moved to play down talk that Audi could appear in F1 by insisting it was more interested in series where the technology used on track can have a direct link with its road cars - such as its diesel-powered sportscar programme.

"We believe F1 and Audi do not fit, so long as the technology has no relevance to the development of our production cars," he was quoted buy the German news agency SID. "The technologies [in sportscars and the DTM] are closely related to those used by our clients, so they directly benefit from our motor racing. In Formula 1, that is not the case."

While Audi may have distanced itself from the sport, the VAG Group could still pursue an F1 programme with engines branded as VW or as one of the various marques it controls - such as Bentley or Porsche.