Team boss Martin Whitmarsh admits that McLaren needs to focus on winning the 2010 F1 title and not rely on rivals Red Bull throwing the crown away.

For the second time this season, Red Bull is facing divisions within the team after the issues caused by its decision to hand Mark Webber's front wing to Sebastian Vettel ahead of qualifying.

That show of favouritism led to Webber hitting out at the team at the end of the race, stating that the victory 'wasn't bad for a number two driver' over the radio on his slowing down lap before attacking the team in the post-race press conference.

With Red Bull now facing a battle to resolve the problems caused by the decisions taken at Silverstone, Whitmarsh insisted that his own team couldn't rely on the problems between Vettel and Webber escalating and had to focus on doing the job itself.

"We have to concentrate on our situation," he told the Press Association. "A lot of people speculated on the relationship between our two drivers, and the fact is it hasn't been a news story yet, although people tried to make it one.

"I hope there are cracks and divisions in all our competitors and they all fall apart, but I am not going to rely on it. We have to make our car quicker and try and win the championships that way."

Whitmarsh added that he was well aware of how rivalry within Red Bull could cost it dear at the end of the season, with McLaren having faced a battle of its own back in 2007 - when a deteriorating relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso played a part in Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari stealing the drivers' title in the season finale in Brazil.

"Drivers are immensely competitive people, so if they perceive something is not even-handed or fair, then you are going to have some trouble," he said. "There is always a potential tension with two drivers in the same team fighting for a championship. We've experienced that a few times, it's difficult, but I have to say that so far I think we are in reasonable shape in that regard.

"I think if your drivers aren't working together then it is one more distraction you could do without. It was a tough one [in 2007] for all sorts of reasons. We were trying to win the world championship, we had a competitive car, but ultimately we lost it by one point.

"Certainly the histrionics that went around cost us that world championship, so we had to understand and respect that."


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