Michael Schumacher's much-hyped and celebrated comeback in F1 2010 was 'a huge error' personally, argues Eddie Jordan - with the man who first gave the German legend his big break in the top flight just under two decades ago suggesting that the record-breaking multiple world champion is not even enjoying his return like he claims he is.

The tally from the opening ten grands prix of the campaign does not make for pleasant reading for 'Schumi' fans, with only 36 points, no finish higher than fourth place and two failures to make the top ten on the starting grid at all - for a driver with some seven titles, 91 grand prix victories, 154 podium finishes and 1,369 points from his 'first career' at the highest level from 1991 to 2006, a poor return indeed.

Worse still, contrast that with the 90 points and three podiums notched up by Mercedes Grand Prix team-mate and compatriot Nico Rosberg - and, moreover, an eight-two qualifying advantage in the younger German's favour - and the generally listless form in battle displayed by the Kerpen native, and many are wondering out loud as to whether he will really carry on into 2011.

Former team owner-turned-BBC F1 pundit Jordan contends that Schumacher badly miscalculated the challenge of rejoining the fray following three seasons away from active competition, and that as such he always had far more to lose than to gain.

"Michael Schumacher's return was an excellent thing for the discipline, but for him personally, it's a huge error," the colourful and ever-outspoken Irishman told German publication Sport Bild. "To make a comeback at 41 years of age, to pitch yourself against young men 20 years younger than you, is simply against the laws of physics and medicine. [Doing it] just to feel good is not even the case - do you think that it would please him to be beaten by Nico Rosberg?"