Sebastian Vettel has criticised his Red Bull Racing team-mate Mark Webber for having publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the team in the wake of his British Grand Prix victory last weekend - insisting that conversely, he is 'brought up to show respect for one another' and warning that 'the only thing that can stop us is ourselves'.

Whilst 'clear-the-air' talks - necessitated for the second time this season - have since been held and Red Bull is claiming that everybody is now friends again [see separate story - click here], comments made by Vettel after the young German finally broke his silence on the front wing controversy suggest that behind-the-scenes, all is still far from sweetness-and-light at Milton Keynes, with the Heppenheim native contending that in remarking over the team radio that his Silverstone triumph had been 'not bad for a number two driver', Webber betrayed his 'true face'.

Echoing the argument of 13-time grand prix-winner turned BBC F1 pundit David Coulthard that rather than airing his dirty laundry in public so that all the world could hear his grievance, the Australian should have instead dealt with the matter internally [see separate story - click here], Vettel went on to forecast that any such further fall-outs could end up costing RBR the crown, fastest car regardless.

"Such things do not belong in the public," the 23-year-old told German newspaper Bild. "They should be handled internally by the team. I'm brought up to show respect for one another. The most important thing is the atmosphere within the team. We have a really strong car, and the only thing that can stop us is ourselves."

Those sentiments are echoed by Mercedes Grand Prix CEO Nick Fry, who told British newspaper The Sun that 'drivers are a vital part of the team but they're not the team, and that needs to be clear', adding that 'as soon as the lunatics start running the asylum, you have big problems'.


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