Nigel Mansell has warned Red Bull Racing that it needs to avoid being sidetracked by unrest in the camp if it is to succeed in its aim of winning the 2010 F1 world title.

The 1992 world champion believes that the divide in the Milton Keynes-based team is as deep as is being claimed by outsiders, despite RBR trying to insist otherwise, and has urged Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel to resolve their differences in order to focus on battling McLaren rather than themselves.

Webber referred to himself as 'number two driver' following his victory at Silverstone, while Vettel commented that he had seen 'the true side' of people within the team, thought to refer to his team-mate, when questioned after the event.

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Despite both now attempting to show that all is well between them - with Webber insisting that Vettel had nothing to do with the row over the new-spec front wing and the German calling for respect for his team-mate during this weekend's Hockenheim race - Mansell believes that there is still some way to go before harmony can be restored.
"There is obviously trouble in the Red Bull camp at the moment," the Briton said, "The decision they took obviously upset Mark, but the main thing is to put that behind them, get on with it and let their actions on the track do the talking because that's the most important thing for any driver.

"They have a great team, great drivers, fantastic engineers and a fantastic team manager, but everyone knows that the two drivers are having some challenges between themselves, and that isn't conducive to the team doing well, nor the drivers themselves, so they have to settle down."

Despite his warning, Mansell believes that a settled Red Bull team is capable of closing the gap that has extended to McLaren pair Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, who currently head the championship standings.

"I think the team is strong enough to sort it all out," he insisted, "When you get on the track in F1, you want to beat everyone, even your team-mate, but what you have to do is look at the bigger picture.

"As the races come along, the intensity will get even higher - we may even see some side-to-side and front-to-wing exciting racing between Jenson and Lewis.

"The great thing is that Red Bull still won the [British Grand Prix], and Mark still has a chance to be champion. He has done an outstanding and fantastic job, even though he has been under a lot of pressure and I would congratulate him if he won [the title]."