Williams Grand Prix Engineering's new chairman, Adam Parr, has claimed that the Grove team is defying its comparatively small budget to improve its FW32 as quickly as any of its more monied rivals.

Although it currently occupies seventh position in the constructors' championship after its home grand prix at Silverstone two weekends' ago, both Rubens Barrichello and rookie team-mate Nico Hulkenberg have seen their performances improve, with the Brazilian, in particular, scoring well in the last two events, taking fourth and fifth at Valencia and Silverstone respectively.

To underline Parr's point, Williams got its version of Red Bull's 'blown diffuser' concept working first time at the British Grand Prix, where McLaren was forced to remove its system and rework it ahead of this weekend's event at Hockenheim.

"I would say we are developing as fast as anyone in the sport mid-season, which is a pretty good test of what you have got available to you," he confirmed after both his drivers had recorded top ten results in Friday free practice at the German GP, "We are more competitive and I think that is an indication that, within the team, we have some very capable people who have been able to understand where we were weak and do something about it.

"But we are, by no means, near where we need to be yet, and I think that, even though we don't necessarily have the resources available to some teams, I think we can do a lot better than what we are doing now."

Hulkenberg shares his new boss' optimism, even though his better performances have yet to yield the sort of result being enjoyed by his veteran team-mate.

"I can also see progress from the inside - definitely," the reigning GP2 Series champion acknowledged, "It reflects in the results, which are getting better. We have improved the car, I have improved myself [and] we have got more competitive since a few races back. That is very positive to see, but we have to keep developing at that rate if we want to stay where we are - or get even further up the grid."