Heikki Kovalainen has been handed a reprimand over the incident with Pedro de la Rosa that forced him to retire from the German Grand Prix.

De la Rosa had completed a long opening stint in the race and was fighting to break his way back into the top ten when he made contact with Kovalainen's Lotus while trying to lap the Finn.

It forced de la Rosa to pit for a new nose and left him to finish the race in 14th place, while Kovalainen was forced to retire.

Kovalainen admitted afterwards that he was at fault for the incident as he hadn't seen de la Rosa coming up behind him and was handed a reprimand by stewards after the race for what happened.

"A disappointing end but it was just one of those things that can happen when you're having to let cars past," he said. "It was my mistake but I didn't see the Sauber coming. I thought I was letting the Williams past, and didn't see the Sauber so I closed the door and that was the end of the race. It's a shame because I was running pretty well until then."

The incident means de la Rosa remains pointless this season and the Spaniard was left frustrated at what had happened on track.

"The end of the race was very disappointing for me," he said. "After my late pit stop I was on fresh tyres and wanted to fight for positions. After I passed Nico Hulkenberg the next cars in front were Rubens Barrichello and then Kamui.

"But I have to say the behavior of the back markers was a serious problem over the whole race, and in the end I crashed into one who had opened the door for Rubens but closed it immediately again."


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