Fernando Alonso remained unmoved by criticism of the Ferrari team after facing a barrage of questions during the post-race press conference in Germany.

The press conference, which can be read in full HERE> and HERE, was understandably dominated by questions about Ferrari's actions during the race, to such an extent that third placed finisher Sebastian Vettel asked if he could get up and leave.

Focusing fully on what he termed the best result for the team, Alonso refused to admit that team orders had played any part in the result and insisted that he and Felipe Massa had worked together to do the job needed by Ferrari.

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"I think we tried to do our race, we tried to do as good as we can," he said. "We are professional drivers, we try to work in a team and we try to do the best we can every day, not only here on the track but also between the races, at the factory etc, preparing the races.

"Again, I think we've been doing a good job over the last couple of races and finally we got a strong Sunday with a strong result. I think we are happy with this, although there are things which are more for you if you want to write all these things."

Alonso was then pressed on whether the reality of the race was that he could only win because the team forced Massa to move over, replying with a simple 'if that's your opinion' the questioning journalist before a simple 'no' was given to the questions asking if it was his opinion and if Massa had to give him the win.

The Spaniard also denied that, if he were to go on and win the title, that it would be regarded as a tainted success as a result of what happened.

"I have 19 races to... look at the overall races, there are a lot of points that we win sometimes and a lot of points that we lose sometimes," he said. "As I said, today was a good day, some other races were bad days for us, disappointing but as I said before, we need to remain focused, keep working, keep developing the car, not to be too excited when we win, not to be too down when we lose.

"In November, (we need to) try to be in the fight for the championship, not forgetting that Red Bull has so far been very dominant, not scoring many points on Sunday, or the points that they should have scored on Sunday, but remain very strong and McLaren as well, leading both championships, so there is still a long way to go for us."