Jenson Button has become the latest person to speak out on the team orders row that surrounded the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim, with the defending F1 champion admitting that - while sometimes inevitable - there is no place for them in the sport.

Ferrari was found to have breached F1 rules by employing team orders in the race to allow Fernando Alonso to take victory ahead of Felipe Massa, with the Italian team handed a $100,000 fine and the matter referred to the World Motor Sport Council.

Speaking to the Press Association, Button said he felt it was important that teams allowed their drivers to race and didn't decide who was going to win off track.

"If I was told my team-mate is faster, I would think my team-mate is faster, so I would keep driving and hope he doesn't overtake me," he said. "Personally I think team orders in Formula One are wrong, in any motor sport category, although sometimes they are inevitable.

"We all want to win, and every team wants to win, both the constructors' and drivers' championships. But they have to give both drivers the same opportunity to do so."

Button's McLaren team-mate Lewis Hamilton agreed that if he was to get the call that Button was quicker behind, his reaction would be to speed up.

Ferrari insisted that Massa had taken the decision to allow Alonso through himself after being told the Spaniard was quicker behind.

"My reaction would be to go faster, that I need to find the time," he said. "For me if my engineer came across the radio, and just because I know how things are in our team, the message would be 'Jenson's faster, you've got to find time in the first and second sector'.

"As simple as that, which means pick up the pace if you can. It's encouraging rather than telling you. It's a lot different."