F1 commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone has joined the group of people suggesting than the regulation banning team orders in the sport should be removed.

Eddie Jordan and Martin Brundle have both suggested that the change should be made after the incident involving Ferrari at the German Grand Prix, where Fernando Alonso was allowed to pass Felipe Massa for the lead.

The way in which the team went about swapping its drivers round in the race has led to much criticism in both the press and the paddock but Ecclestone said he felt it was up to individual teams to make the decision on how the approach racing.

"I must confess I would agree with anyone who thinks that," he told the Daily Mail when asked if the law on team orders should be reviewed. "We make people call it a team. We say it's got to be a team. Both cars have to be exactly the same. The drivers wear the same overalls. Everybody has to look like a team - a team of people who are racing.

"I believe what people do when they are inside the team and how they run their team is up to them. Of course, if a team does something that's dangerous then they're going to be in trouble. Otherwise, get on with it."


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