Despite all the controversy following Sunday's German Grand Prix and the fall-out from Ferrari's decision to order Felipe Massa to let Fernando Alonso through to win, founder and former boss of the now defunct Minardi F1 team, Giancarlo Minardi has said he thinks the Scuderia was right to make the decision it did.

Speaking to Italian website,, Minardi added that in his view the decision by the stewards to fine the Maranello-based outfit $100,000 was also wrong as other teams have also done similar things this year.

"I am in favour of team orders, as I can't understand how a team couldn't do this kind of strategy. In the end only one wins and it has to be the best," Minardi explained.

"On Sunday Fernando was clearly faster than Felipe. As it was clear that the only way Ferrari have to straighten their season is to support one driver. In this moment only Alonso can fight for the championship, as Massa is out of the battle. Having said that, the Brazilian did a great race.

"I think the fine is also excessive. In the last Grand's Prix other teams did the same: McLaren and Red Bull said to their drivers that they were consuming too much fuel, thus facilitating their team-mates' and allowing them to overtake.

"Don't tell me such things don't happen in other teams. They are part of the strategies," he summed-up.