Mark Webber has hinted at a boring Hungarian Grand Prix after he and Red Bull Racing team-mate Sebastian Vettel annexed the front row of the grid for the sixth time this season.

Although he had to give second best to his young German colleague, Webber made no secret of his desire to hit the front when the lights go out on Sunday, but admitted that the rest of the afternoon may lack in excitement if he doesn't.

"It's going to be an interesting start, then after that, we know with these regulations, the race can be interesting in terms of trying to stay awake," he smiled, "But let's see how the start goes and then, after that, we will try and stay awake. "

After the acrimony between them in recent races, Webber was quick to pay tribute to Vettel's pole lap, accepting that he had not been able to match the German during the third and final phase of qualifying.

"I did my best, but that's the way it goes - Seb deserves pole today," he conceded, "It was a good lap, an 18.7, and, for sure, there was a bit more change there for both of us. But, in the end, it came down to who got the lap and it wasn't my day today.

"It's all about getting the tyres ready and getting everything in shape for that one lap. I didn't get it together for those two laps. I don't know how Seb's second lap went but, obviously, his first lap was very good. Yeah, we could have done better, of course, but we didn't, so we deserve to be second and not first. I didn't have the best preparation to start my lap - I obviously had Lewis [Hamilton] and I think [Robert] Kubica was starting or finishing his lap, so you've got to get everything right. The tyres, everything needs to be ready to put together three perfect sectors here."

With Red Bull clearly faster than its rivals this weekend, Webber knew that the battle for pole was likely to boil down to a head-to-head with his team-mate.

"It was pretty similar to Barcelona, [where] we knew that it was probably going to be between both of us," the Australian admitted, "There wasn't maybe a chance for the other guys to have a crack at us today, so we knew that it was going to be pretty tight between us. Whoever did the quickest lap out of us two was probably going to get pole.

"I am on the front row tomorrow, [and it's] still a great place to start the race. The guys have done a phenomenal job all weekend, so we look forward to the race tomorrow."


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