Rubens Barrichello has hit out at former team-mate Michael Schumacher over the incident between the pair in Hungary, insisting that he 'doesn't want to go to heaven' before the German.

The pair were fighting for the final point in the Hungarian Grand Prix when Schumacher pushed Barrichello towards the pit wall in the closing stages of the race, with Barrichello lucky to avoid contact with the wall as he squeezed through to take the position.

The Brazilian was clearly riled by the incident on the team radio straightaway, while stewards elected to hand Schumacher a ten place grid penalty for the manner in which he had tried to defend his position.

Barrichello insisted that Schumacher's move was the most dangerous he had seen during the career and insisted it had been far from fair on track.

"I like a fair fight," he told German TV straight after the race, "but that wasn't fair here.

"If Michael wants to go to heaven - in the event that he is going to heaven - then I don't really care. But I don't want to go before him."

Barrichello then added to reporters that he had no intention of speaking to Schumacher about the incident and was just lucky the pit wall ended where it did.

"No, I don't want to, because it won't resolve [anything]," he said. "You know Michael; you talk to him and he always thinks he's right. I just think I'm a fair guy and justice was done today in a way. He's been out of F1 for three years and we can see he hasn't changed; he's still the same guy.

"I was lucky that the wall finished at that point, because I was millimetres from the wall. You wouldn't expect someone with so much experience to do that; you would expect someone with ten races to do that kind of thing.

"But for him, who has been through so many things... He's carrying something from the past that was not necessary today."