Red Bull team boss Christian Horner says he accepts the penalty that was handed down to Sebastian Vettel during the Hungarian Grand Prix, even if it ultimately ended the team's hopes of a 1-2 finish.

Vettel led the early stages of the race before pitting behind the Safety Car and then ran second behind team-mate Mark Webber once his stop had been made.

However, the German dropped too far behind his team-mate at the restart and was handed a drive through penalty which meant he slipped behind Fernando Alonso and ultimately finished in third place.

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While Vettel was initially confused as to why he had been given the penalty, Horner said the team had no complaints and that the decision to hand the German a drive through was a fair one.

"Unfortunately at the restart, Sebastian dropped too far behind the ten car lengths he was supposed to be," he told SPEED TV. "I'm not quite sure why; we'll have to have a chat with him to fully understand that. Then he had a drive-through penalty which was fair, because Seb was that far behind Mark."

Vettel was suffering from issues with his radio during the race which may have caused some of the confusion when the Safety Car came in.

Despite that however, Vettel was able to take points out of Lewis Hamilton when he failed to finish so Horner admitted there was still plenty of positives to take away from the weekend.

"We had a few radio issues with Seb, where it wasn't fully clear whether he could fully hear us or not, which is why I spoke to him a couple of times in the race," he said.

"It was something we discussed on the pit wall, and we obviously told him to push. I'm not sure how many of those messages he got, because we didn't get a lot of response from the car, and that's why I also delivered the message, because again, he didn't understand why he had the penalty, so I used the radio to try and explain to him.

"It was one of those things, which unfortunately for whatever reason, caught him out. What would have been a relative comfortable victory for him today turned into a third place, but a third place on a day when Lewis Hamilton didn't score any points, and Jenson (Button) scored very few, it's still a great team finish to get a dominant victory and a third place."