Eddie Irvine has hit out at his former Ferrari team-mate Michael Schumacher following the Hungarian Grand Prix, branding the German as an 'idiot' for the move he pulled on Rubens Barrichello late in the race.

Schumacher, now at Mercedes after three years in retirement, forced Barrichello towards the pit wall as the pair battled back tenth place in the race and was handed a ten-place grid penalty to be take at Spa for the way in which he squeezed the Brazilian off the circuit onto the grass.

It is a move that has been widely condemned and Irvine pulled no punches as he hit out at the German during an appearance on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast Show.

"He was an idiot," the Irish driver said. "It was an idiotic manoeuvre that was extremely dangerous. It was incredible. He wasn't thinking and it was just pure arrogance that he thought he could just drive another driver into the pit wall.

"He got punished, but I don't think he got punished enough. He should have got a one race ban because it was one of the worst manoeuvres I've ever seen."

Despite attacking the German however, Irvine said he didn't feel Schumacher should retire for a second time.

"I don't think he should retire," he said. "He's always done stuff like this and has intimidated people for a long time, but he got away with it because he was Michael Schumacher.

"He was 'the' Michael Schumacher, but this Michael Schumacher isn't getting away with it."


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