Bernie Ecclestone says he is confident that the Korean Grand Prix will go ahead as planned later this year, despite speculation that the event could be at risk.

Political tension within Korea has done little to dispel talk that the race might not take place, despite organisers having recently met with FIA safety delegate Charlie Whiting to update him on progress being made.

Ecclestone however said he was confident that the race will take place, pointing to Abu Dhabi as an example of a race he thought might not happen before it actually did.

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"They're getting on with it," he told "Like all new events, until it happens, it's a new event, and people won't believe it. Even when I went to Abu Dhabi three months before the race, I thought, 'This isn't going to happen'."

Event promoter Yung Cho Chung also denied there were any problems, insisting everything is under control.

"Our preparation and construction is under control, and will be completed in August," he said. "Pre-inspection from the FIA is already done, and Charlie Whiting is quite happy with our progress. Now he is checking a report every day, but our schedule is in place, so actually we email him every day on what's happening. Very soon FOM and other people will check out our preparations. We are very comfortable."