Mark Webber says he expects plenty of twists and turns before the 2010 F1 champion is crowned.

The Red Bull Racing driver reclaimed the championship lead with victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix - his fourth of the season - and now heads into the summer break as the man to beat, with Red Bull also top of the constructors' championship after team-mate Sebastian Vettel finished third.

Webber however insists that the title race could easily be turned on its head when the season resumes at Spa, with just eight points between Red Bull and McLaren in the constructors' championship and 20 covering the top five drivers.

"Some people will say I was lucky, but I'll take it," he said of his victory in Hungary. "I've been in this sport long enough to know that you have to take the rough with the smooth and none of my other victories have been gifted to me.

"It's good to be leading the points standings, but there are still a lot of chapters to come in this world championship battle. The top five drivers are separated by 20 points, which is nothing. It's the equivalent of just eight points under last year's points system.

"There's everything to play for, but not until I've turned my phone off and had a couple of weeks' holiday!"

Webber's victory in Hungary was helped by the Red Bull being widely regarded as the best chassis on the grid - which makes up for the fact that the Renault engine is said to be down on power to some of the other units on the grid.

With that in mind, Webber called for more parity between the different engines to help Red Bull maintain its challenge.

"We've been looking for engine parity for the last few years," he told ESPN. "We know we don't have the most powerful engine. When we go to a track where there are not many straights, the car is good because we've had to try incredibly hard to get the car performing in this type of situation, so we would love parity with the engine.

"Other teams sometimes want everything, but we need parity on the engine and then it would be a fair game. That's all we want, similar horsepower to other teams. This is another example, when you go to different venues like Hungary, we see who has a nice car. It's not a one way street with this stuff you know."


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