Fernando Alonso says he is confident that Ferrari will continue to close on the F1 championship lead when the season resumes at Spa at the end of the month.

Strong results in Germany and Hungary have brought the Spaniard right back into contention for the title, with just 20 points to leader Mark Webber heading into the summer shutdown.

Speaking during Ferrari's annual Wrooom event, Alonso admitted that there was work still to do to allow the team to take the fight to Red Bull and McLaren to the title but said he felt there was a '50 per cent' chance of securing the crown.

"It only took us two normal races to be fully back in contention for the title," he said. "It's true we are still behind in the classification and it is always better to be in front, but I am convinced that in the final sprint, by which I mean the last two or three races, we will be closer to the top than we are now.

"The important thing is to remain calm and concentrated and to do our job well. It's hard to say who is my strongest rival: we are all almost equal. Maybe, Hamilton, Button and myself, who have already won a title, will tackle the final rush in a calmer way, having already experienced something similar. Percentage chance? I'd say 50 per cent, which is the normal state of affairs..."

Alonso added that the team will also need to put its appearance in front of the FIA's World Motor Sport Council to one side to focus fully on the job at hand.

"We have to await the decision with confidence, hoping for a positive outcome," he said. "We drivers and the engineers have the task of staying focused on the car and on our work, trying to get the results on track."