Stefano Domenicali says he is hoping that the F1 summer break will benefit Ferrari and allow the team to come up with 'fresh inspiration' for the remainder of the year.

Like its rival teams, Ferrari now finds itself in shutdown mode, with teams required to close their factories for a two-week period ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa.

However, while work at the factory may have been halted, Domenicali said he was hopeful that the break from work could actually benefit the team and allow it to come up with fresh ideas to help bridge the gap to the points leaders.

"We will be on holiday, but that does not mean our brains will stop working," he said. "Maybe one can even find fresh inspiration when outside the normal working environment and I expect this time to be a fertile one for ideas, which when all is said and done, are what make the difference."

Ferrari heads into the summer break having been in the midst of one of the more controversial issues of the year following the events of the German Grand Prix, and Domenicali hit out at the criticism of his team considering other ongoing stories - including the issue of flexi-wings - amongst other teams.

"I was dumbstruck to see so much hypocrisy in our world, but I don't want to add anything else," he said. "There will just be more work to do; who knows it might be an added distraction for some.

"I have to say I was very pleased with the way our team reacted at a point in the season when the results were just not coming. The second half of July went very well and I hope it has given the right impetus for the final part of the season. We know there is much to do, because we still do not have the best car, but this should simply be a further incentive.

"We said it with Fernando a few days ago: if we manage to always be there, in the top places, then we can get satisfaction."


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