Adrian Newey says he doesnt expect Red Bull will be made to change its front wing despite the fact that new load tests will be used from the Belgian Grand Prix onwards.

Stricter loads tests will be used by the FIA at Spa following complaints from rival teams into the legality of the front wing fitted to the RB6, with McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh in particular voicing concern over what he feels is a flexing front wing in use on the car.

Ferrari has also been accused of running a flexing front wing in order to gain an extra advantage, but Newey said he had no concerns that his team would be forced into changes following the summer shutdown.

"We don't believe so," he told ITV-F1 when asked if revisions would be needed to pass scrutineering. "It was 50 kilos for 10mm deflection and now the FIA are make sure that if you go to 100 kilos, it's not more than 20mm. In other words, they are going to ensure the wing is not linear in any way."

Newey added that complaints from rival teams was simply an indicator that Red Bull has been doing a solid job during the season so far.

"If everything is going well then people start having a pop at everything," he said. "I guess it's a compliment."

Newey was speaking during the BTCC meeting at Snetterton where he was hospitalised following an incident in a Ginetta G50 Championship race, although he was released from hospital with only bruising to his arm after precautionary checks.


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