Former F1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve has revealed that he is 'proud' of the 'impeccable job' done by the joint Villeneuve Racing/Durango bid for the 13th grid slot in 2011 - insisting that the team has 'cut no corners' and 'done everything by the book'.

Villeneuve lamented last week that details of the planned entry were somehow leaked out to the media before he had been ready to announce it [see separate story - click here], followed by wild and ultimately unfounded rumours linking the eponymously-named outfit with both disgraced 'Singapore-gate' protagonist Flavio Briatore and the son of controversial Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi.

As Villeneuve Racing ostensibly prepares to go up against Epsilon Euskadi and Stefan GP for the available space on the grand prix grid left vacant by the calamitous USF1 effort this year - with the FIA set to grill and closely examine all three contenders in Geneva on Wednesday - the eleven-time grand prix-winner is confident that nothing more could have been done to convince the sport's governing body of his team's credentials.

"I'm really proud of our bid," the 39-year-old told French Canadian publication Rue Frontenac. "We have no control over what the others will present and how our approach will be evaluated, but everything has been done according to the requirements of the FIA. We have cut no corners; we have done everything by the book. My partners have done an impeccable job.

"We don't know how many people are presenting a dossier, let alone who they are and their seriousness. Also, the FIA has not committed to having a 13th team if a project is not consistent with their requirements. If we do get the place, then the real stress will begin! It will be difficult to be competitive in 2011, we know that, but we are not building a team only for one year."