Ferrari has launched a scathing attack on Niki Lauda after the three-time F1 champion attacked his former team for a second time over its actions in the German Grand Prix.

The team is due to appear before the World Motor Sport Council next month after race stewards deemed that it has used team orders during the Hockenheim race to allow Fernando Alonso to take victory ahead of Felipe Massa - something which the team has denied despite the evidence to the contrary.

Lauda revealed earlier this week that he felt the team could get a 'pasting' from the governing body for mocking the sport [See separate story HERE], but Ferrari has now hit back at the Austrian insisting that he had no problems with its driver policy when he was competing.

That however was back in the days when team orders weren't banned in the sport.

"After events in Hockenheim, a wave of hypocrisy swept through the paddock, with so many pundits, young and old, keen to have their say," a column on Ferrari's official website read. "Some were promptly brought back into line by his master's voice, while others continue to pronounce sentence willy-nilly.

"The latest missive comes from Austria, from a person, who having hung up his helmet, has never missed out on a chance to dispense opinions left and right, even if, on more than one occasion, he has had to indulge in some verbal acrobatics to reposition himself in line with the prevailing wind. This time, good old Niki has missed out on a fine opportunity to keep his mouth shut, given that, when he was a Scuderia driver, the supposed Ferrari driver management policy suited him perfectly...

"That aside, where was all his moral fury when, over the past years, so many have been guilty of more or less overt hypocritical actions?"