Ferrari is reported to be ready to launch civil action against the FIA if it is stripped of the points it earned during the controversial German Grand Prix.

According to a report in La Gazzetta dello Sport, Ferrari is prepared to take action if a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council decides to impose of a points penalty for the breach of regulations that occurred at Hockenheim.

While the team was fined $100,000 by stewards during the weekend for breaching the regulation banning team orders, the decision to refer the matter to the World Motorsport Council means Ferrari face the real prospect of being hit with an additional penalty.

One possible option would be to take away the points earned by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa during the race, with former FIA president Max Mosley stating his belief that the team should lose the maximum score it secured with its controversial 1-2 finish.

"Both cars and both drivers should lose the points they achieved in the German Grand Prix," he told the German 'paper Welt Am Sonntag. "I will not make any recommendation, but on the facts at the moment there should have been some sporting sanction and not only a fine."

Mosley also insisted that he felt that the ban on team orders should remain in place, despite a number of figures calling for it to be removed.

"Most teams are calling for the withdrawal of team orders, which I can understand, because it's in their interests," he said. "But if we are to meet the needs of the public, who are in their millions, watching races all around the world and ultimately funding the sport, then we need to keep the ban."