Fernando Alonso admitted that he couldn't be happy with tenth on the grid for the Belgian Grand Prix but said he wasn't worried that it would prevent him challenging on race day.

The Spaniard lost out in qualifying when he elected to leave his newer set of a tyres for his second in Q3, only for light rain to start falling at the opening corners of the lap.

That prevented Alonso from going any quicker than he had on his first run and while he starts from the fifth row of the grid, the Ferrari man said he was fully focused on a strong result in the race.

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"Obviously, I can't be pleased with this result, but it has to be said that if there is one track where grid position is less critical than others, then it is this one, both because of the track characteristics and because the weather can be very changeable," he said. "In some cases the right decision at the right time can see you make up an advantage of a minute, therefore we will have to be clever and make the most of every opportunity.

"In Q3, I only had one set of new soft tyres left and I used it on my second run when, unfortunately, there was a bit of rain. There's no point in making a drama over this tenth place: we must stay calm and concentrated, because qualifying is one thing and the race is quite another when the points are given out, not today."

Team-mate Felipe Massa qualified sixth, but only after missing out on the chance to go quicker when he was forced to abort his second run in Q3.

"On my first run in Q3 I got a good lap, but maybe it could have been a couple of tenths quicker, while on the second one, I immediately had rain at turn one and I locked the wheels," he said. "I decided to pit without completing the lap, because I would not have been able to improve my lap time. If we have a track that is only slightly damp but not too wet, it could be a problem because the rain tyres get destroyed very quickly and it will be necessary to manage them very carefully."