Fernando Alonso says he isn't concerned about the prospect of incurring a penalty for exceeding his engine allowance through the remainder of the F1 season.

Issues earlier in the season mean the Spaniard has just one new engine remaining for the events still to come on the F1 calendar, while rivals at McLaren and Red Bull each have two fresh motors at their disposal.

Drivers are permitted to use eight engines during the season before incurring a grid penalty, but the Ferrari driver said he wasn't concerned about exceeding his allowance and suffering a penalty that would hit his already slim title chances still further.

"We are confident [of not taking a penalty]," Alonso told GP Week. "The plan of the engines is well in control at the moment. Fingers crossed everything stays like this and we know the programme for all the remaining races.

"It should be enough with the engines we have. If everything goes normal there is no problem."

Pedro de la Rosa is the only driver to have gone over his allowance this season.