Adrian Newey has expressed his fear that should the FIA not allow Renault to play catch-up on the power front after paying a heavy price for adhering more strictly to the engine freeze regulations than its direct rivals, it may well pull out of F1 - as he all-but confirmed that Red Bull Racing will extend its partnership with the French manufacturer into 2011.

Red Bull has been powered by Renault since 2007, but since midway through 2008, the R?gie's engine has fallen off the pace of the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari as the company has complied 'very strongly' wit the freeze on development, leaving it with a deficit of as much as 40bhp against competitors who have perhaps not played quite so strictly by the rules.

That has led to speculation that title protagonists RBR could go elsewhere, but the energy drinks-backed outfit's chief technical officer Newey suggests the relationship will continue into a fifth consecutive campaign next year, acknowledging that Renault 'always respond to our requests' - even if he wonders just how long the marque will remain in F1 without a level playing field.

"Where shall we go?" the Englishman mused in an interview with German publication Sport Bild. "McLaren has stopped us from getting the Mercedes engine, so there's only Ferrari - but we ask ourselves, 'if we beat them, will we still have the same specification as the Ferrari team?'

"[The engine freeze] means we now have a gap to Ferrari and Mercedes, and if Renault are not allowed to keep up, I can well imagine them withdrawing as an engine-supplier."


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And for the record:

What made Honda, BMW and Toyota PULL OUT of F1 was precisely the Freezing SCAM

1. No engine R&D= no interest in F1 technology.
2. Freezing isn´t parity but about keeping DIFFERENCES.
2. Cheat and breaking rules isn´t in their DNA: unlike Ferrari and Merc.

Just to clarify the question...

Remember the year 2006 when Cosworth last engine ruled out the second part of the midfield? in one year of development (2009) Cossie has matched Renault, which it was one of the best engines when the Freeze occurred. Something remarkable as the english engine (the last one) delivered its power at highr revs than the rest, thus the rev limit happened to penalize them more than others.

Now we have two engine leagues:

1-. Merc & Spec-1 Ferrari cars (just Ferrari)
2-. Renault, Cosworth & Spec-2 Ferrari cars (Sauber-Toro Rosso)

We are talking STRICTLY about engine parity, NOT about teams which are running them. Adrian isn´t complaining about anything...his is pointing out that Renault isn´t happy with this situation, full stop.

I might add the Lotus deal will come just to introduce more parties to push the performance break for the French Engine.

Comparing Williams Cossie with RedBulls Rinoo is just retarded...

Williams would be a tittle contender JUST with a Renault engine on the back of their cars...

The Monza performance was just related to their Low Downforce Wing and perfect setup made up by Barrichello on Friday: his team actually opted to cheat him during the rest of the week, like they did in Hungary calling his pit stop NOT on the safety car period just to amuse Frank´s eyes of seing the Drunk German (can´t stay on track at Monza´s first chicanne) finish ahead of Rubens for the first time in season.

Being trashed by an old dog wasn´t in the plans of the former owner of the Williams team...

Who needs parity when next year teams will have again the KERS toy to play with...?

The Renault engine is arguably weaker than Merc and Ferrari. First time this season RedBulls haven´t battled for a pole nor victory having a superior car means JUST ONE THING:

Crappy Engine.