The Singapore Grand Prix this weekend could play a deciding role in the race for the 2010 F1 title with forecasts suggesting that the race weekend is set to be hit by wet weather conditions.

While rain makes events far from easy for drivers on a traditional circuit, the added element of racing on streets and of competing under lights could ensure that Singapore proves to be something of a lottery.

Rain has been falling during Thursday on the Singapore streets and is expected to return for both Friday practice and qualifying on Saturday - the latter starting under darkness at 10pm.

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Further rain is also due on Sunday, albeit before the race itself gets underway, which means that the circuit may have dried out before the F1 cars take to the track with both Formula BMW Pacific and Porsche Carrera Cup Asia races due to take place before the main event.

However, the prospect of rain affecting the Singapore weekend for the first time raises interesting questions over the impact the race will have on the five-way fight that has developed for the championship crown.

One man who no doubt won't like the idea of a wet race is Mark Webber, given that the championship leader has yet to even finish the Singapore race. Back in 2008, he suffered transmission issues that left him to park up while last year's event saw him crash out after encountering brake problems.

Rain therefore could play to the strengths of defending race winner Lewis Hamilton, reigning champion Jenson Button or Fernando Alonso - all of whom have shown what they can do when conditions aren't at their best.

Button has already won in the wet this season and his smooth driving style could be well suited to tricky circuit conditions, while Hamilton also won in the rain at Spa. Alonso meanwhile has yet to finish off the podium in Singapore and won't plan on doing so this time around.

That leaves Sebastian Vettel as the fifth driver in the mix and rain is unlikely to be welcomed by the German, who failed to impress when it rained at Spa and has been known to be somewhat erratic when under pressure. Rain would only increase the chances of something going amiss for the German.

But why would rain be such an issue in Singapore compared to anywhere else?

In short, the main concern amongst drivers having seen the conditions that were waiting for them in the paddock is the impact that rain will have on visibility during the race. Onboard footage from any wet F1 event in the past will give an indication of how challenging is it to follow another car in the rain and deal with the spray, but the fact that Singapore will run under lights could make that issue even worse.

The glare likely to be produced from the floodlights littering the circuit if it rains could make visibility a major issue for drivers on track, with the prospect that the lights could reflect off water on the circuit - and coming from the sky - to decrease how much can be seen.

There have been occasions in the past when rain has forced F1 events to end early, such as Brazil 2003 and Malaysia last year, and a heavy shower during the Singapore race could lead to something similar this time around, given the safety concerns likely to arise from racing under lights, on a street circuit, in the wet.

It means that strategy could play a key role in deciding the Singapore race and for Webber, Hamilton, Alonso, Button and Vettel, it might be the luckiest driver and not necessarily the quickest who emerges as the big winner from the weekend.