McLaren managing director Jonathan Neale has admitted that a new front wing fitted to the cars of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in Singapore nearly didn't make it to the race at all.

Neale flew out to Singapore from the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking with the new parts in his luggage.

However, on arrival in Singapore, the new parts didn't emerge from the plane after the airline believed it to be its own equipment, with the issue eventually being resolved to allow the part to be taken to the track and fitted to the two cars.

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It helped both Hamilton and Button to qualify strongly in Singapore, although Hamilton would retire from the race after a mid-race incident with Mark Webber.

"First, one of Adrian Newey's (Red Bull) parts came out, but not our case," Neale was quoted by YallaF1. "Because the wing was packed so well, the guys at the airport thought it was equipment for the aircraft rather than luggage. So they left it on the plane. We had to wait for a few hours to get it.

"It is a bit different. We haven't seen its full potential yet. On the fast circuits it should give us even more."