Williams' Sam Michael has accused Red Bull Racing of over-egging its complaints about the impact that F1's engine freeze has had on the power output of the Renault V8 in the back of its Adrian Newey-designed RB6 in 2010 - denouncing the claims as 'bullsh*t'.

Red Bull has repeatedly lamented that its engine is as much as 30bhp down on the best in the field - widely-accepted to be that of Mercedes-Benz, which powers arch-rival McLaren - leaving Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel vulnerable around high-speed, low-downforce circuits and on long straights, as was seen at Spa-Francorchamps and particularly Monza in recent weeks. The energy drinks-backed outfit had been keen to move to Mercedes power last winter, only to find its efforts blocked by McLaren.

Renault contends that it has stuck more rigidly to the letter of the law regarding the engine freeze imposed back in 2007 than have some of its competitors, and Red Bull is now pushing for those who have been disadvantaged by the regulation to be permitted to play catch-up via the imposition of engine parity - pleas that have thus far fallen on deaf ears at the Paris headquarters of F1 governing body the FIA, with Mercedes refusing to voluntarily de-tune its units.

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Williams' technical director Michael, however, offers RBR's protestations short shrift, arguing that all engines in F1 2010 are separated by 'no more than one or two tenths' and bluntly describing the accusations as 'bullsh*t'. The Grove-based concern considered switching to Renault power for 2011, only to ultimately resolve to remain with current partner Cosworth.

"It's simply to gain an advantage," the Australian told motorsport-total.com. "This [Renault] engine has often been on pole position this year - you cannot tell me it does not have enough power. They're just lobbying for an upgrade. That's okay, because it's part of the business. These teams are trying to strengthen their position."