Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Adrian Sutil say they are unconcerned about the possibility that the new F1 circuit in Korea may not be ready in time to host its maiden Grand Prix.

The Korean GP is due to be held on 24 October but has yet to have its final FIA inspection after numerous problems, which have delayed the completion of the venue.

The latest images to have appeared from the venue show the final layer of tarmac being laid at the circuit, something which should have been done well before now, with the issue being one topic of conversation during the Thursday press conference in Japan.

"I guess we trust that the guys know exactly what they're doing, because there's a lot of experience how to build race tracks and I understand Hermann Tilke is involved in the project," Schumacher said. "We trust that it can all be achieved. I'm sure that they will put in maximum effort to make it happen."

McLaren ace Hamilton and Force India's Sutil said they had no safety concerns about the late nature of the completion of the work at the circuit and were totally comfortable that the FIA would ensure the venue was safe before any on-track action starts.

"It doesn't really worry me from a safety point of view," Hamilton said. "I think the FIA always do a great job and they and the team clearly won't let us race if it was unsafe. I feel totally comfortable that everything will be done in order to keep us safe and therefore we can continue to race."

"Yes, same, very similar," Sutil said. "The pictures probably look more dramatic than it actually is but the FIA will for sure make sure that it's safe enough to race on, otherwise we won't be going there, so we trust them."


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